Stay Mine, Valentine

You swiped left. I swiped right. Then you swiped right.

You made the first move. You had to. Those were the app rules.

I made the first compliment. Only it was on your last name. To be fair, I thought it was your first name.

The day was spent messaging. And sending pics. It lead to a date.

That date would become our spot. We will never stop sitting in it. Or taking pics together in it.

That weekend we took a walk. That walk lead to us opening up. It’s still the day I knew.

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We haven’t been apart any weekend since. I hope that never changes.

From bluff dates to surprise parties, our summer was everything. It meant everything.

Summer ended. Our schedules changed. Our lives changed. I met your boys. You met my family.

New season begat new beginnings. You were one of very few to support me throughout anything. I really mean everything.

Never have I had that support. I don’t want to find out if there’s more out there. I already have it all.

Our talks. Our sharing. Our caring. Our love. That’s what it became.

That’s what you have become. Love. A true love.

I know your stories. You know my skeletons. We’ll forever be tied together.

There’s always room for improvement. And with you, all I ask is for the opportunity.

There have been disagreements. Never an escalated argument. Never a fight.

Never a moment where I doubted you. Or us. Never.

Over time, I’ve seen how strong you are. How wonderful you are. How much smarter than me you are.

I ask for your advice, and come to you, with any random thought. Because I value what you have to say.

I trust you. I believe you. I see you. I come to you. I want you.

Gifts and flowers. Clothes and jewelry. Cards and Dinners.

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Mi amor es tu amor.

None of it compares to our nights. Or mornings. Or weeks. Or months.

Look at me. Hug me. Love me. I bet that made you laugh.

Only we know what boo boo means. Only we know what closed eyes mean.

This is my open letter to you. Because I love you.

Will you stay mine, Valentine?