I Think This Is How Love Goes… Check Yes or No

Two years ago to the day, her mother’s birthday no less, I asked this pretty senorita to be my girlfriend. She checked yes.

Now, it hasn’t always been as easy as checking off a question on a created billboard (basically, what I had her do). In fact, it’s been quite the opposite.

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So… will you be my girlfriend or no?

I couldn’t be prouder of that fact.

Let’s face facts: Anything worth it in this life takes real struggle. It takes real trouble. It takes… everything you have. And even then, you may not make it. And I can’t guarantee that love does always make it.

But this love story will not be for a lack of putting everything either one of us has into it. Everything in life worth doing is worth at least that. And this love is one of those things.

Has she put up with a lot from me? Yes.

Have I disagreed on how to wash dishes? Naturally.

Were there moments we questioned what we were doing? Of course.

What happened when we thought this was it? We fought.

And fought for each other. Not against one another. We kept coming back. Better. Stronger. Closer. Even more in love.

Two years ago to the day I asked the best woman I have ever been with to be my girlfriend. Some say that she’s the best “To this point, yes.” And to that I say, “She’s just the best, period.”

I can’t imagine putting someone else through what I’ve put her through. I can’t imagine someone else standing strongly by my side when I was weak. I can’t imagine someone else doing what she does on a daily basis and still having time to love me. Women have pretended to try, and failed.

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My girlfriend and I

She has succeeded. She won. No, I won.

After all, when couples argue and break up, that’s usually the end of it and they move on. But the true test of time is putting in the work. It’s being honest with one another. It’s communicating. I know it’s only been two years, but we’ve probably put in a good twenty based on the shit we’ve seen, done and been through.

And we’ll continue to get through. Because no one fights harder for this than we do. And anything worth it in this life is worth the fight. Am I right?

This might be a shortened article compared to what I have written before, but I just wanted to let my thoughts and heart be known. Besides, she’s fast asleep right now, so this is my chance to write this. Please don’t wake up. 😉

Sleep well, my queen, you’ve earned it. My goddess. Mi preciosa.

Here’s to the past two years, and the next two hundred million.

I think this is how love is supposed to go. Do you love me? Check yes or no.