About Me

Two decades of poker-playing experience, from high-rollers to pennies. World Series of Poker tournaments in Las Vegas to strangers’ basements.

Five years’ worth of TIG welding, Teflon coating, and metals finishing grit and grind. I know how to get my hands dirty for little to no money.

Speaking of no money, I put my time into apprentice funeral directing at the cost of my freedom, debt, relationships, and abuse. All in the name of serving grieving families, while still cutting my teeth as a freelance writer and self-published author.

I have spent the last 8 years of my life dedicated to serving those in deathly need. Those who needed to say goodbye to a loved one, in person, face to face; and to those who wanted to celebrate a life lived.

No one can match my enthusiasm, my work ethic, and my attention to detail. Life is, after all, made up of all the little things. The in-between.

  • Licensed Funeral Director and Embalmer⚰️
  • Pre-Need Specialist👨‍💼
  • Family Service Advisor⚱️
  • 4x Author (2x Best Seller) 📚
  • I write about life, death, and everything in between. 📝