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The Game of Life and Poker: The Lessons I Learned On and Off the Felt (2020):

A thrilling, true riches to rags story. Follow along as I detail how I went from a young, suburban 20 year old kid who had never played a hand of poker, to a scrappy, 21 year old punk, putting everything (and I mean everything) on the line in order to survive. Not just in terms of playing poker at the highest stakes I could, but also in life, where the stakes were even higher. Along the way, I lost money, friends, family and freedom. How did I make it all back? Read on to find out.

Life and Love After Poker: Lessons Continued (2021):

When Noah Watry released his first book, “The Game of Life and Poker: The Lessons I Learned On and Off the Felt,” he detailed his struggles with a failed relationship and quest to win at poker. Lessons were learned the hard way, in poker and in life, as ages 20 to 24 were covered.

With “Life and Love After Poker: Lessons Continued” Noah dives deeper into his family relationships, constantly changing living situations and love life. The second book of a three part series covers his ages 25 to 30, which then lead into his funeral service career; with the biggest and best poker stories to come.

HELP! I’m Trapped in a Psych Ward and Can’t Get Out! (2022):

Noah Watry has suffered from a near-lifetime of depression, anxiety, and trauma. Read along as he details his past, present, and future mental health after a five-day stay in a psychiatric hospital. Noah has detailed his life in two previous books about his professional poker playing, welding experience, relationships, and his foray into funeral service. This time, he’s in for the fight of his life, as all of his past and present demons finally meet their untimely demise.

Noah T. Watry will return in 2023…