35 Things To Do Before I Turn 35 Years Old

I look back on my teen years and wonder, “What if?” I look back on my twenties and wonder, “Why then?” I even look back on the last few years of my life and wonder, “What am I waiting for?”

As I near my 35th birthday, 4 months away to be exact (well, ok, one day less as I write this on Monday). It’s crazy how time flies. I still remember who my friends were in kindergarten. I still remember what I was wearing when I had my first day of high school. I look back on my life a lot.

I always move forward, though. I always look back as a lesson learned, and try to implement it into my future as best I can.

Certainly, I’m not perfect. Yes, I have repeated the same mistake twice. Sometimes it took me months, years even, to learn something. To finally understand. I feel a lot wiser now than I did a year ago. I keep learning and keep thinking of new things to try or get to stick in my life. I’m not like some people, where it’s easy to just go after what you want in life. I hold onto what I have now, because of the road it took to get there. I don’t want to ever go back, and re-learn what I already have.

So, back to turning 35. Awhile back, I wrote about 30 being the new 40. Being a millennial, I just have a different way of viewing the world. Because of technology (which I do think plays the biggest role into how the world is now), I’m able to access things as fast as known possible. Our grandparents didn’t have that option. Our parents didn’t even have that option. My fault is there’s so much available to us in just a few moments, it’s hard for me to focus on everything I want to accomplish. It’s why I come in and out during my writing spells. I can write nonstop for weeks straight, and then disappear. But that’s on me though.

In order to motivate myself this summer, I am putting out a list of 35 things that I would like to do by late September. Most of them I have never done! I am posting this to hold myself accountable, and also, if you’d like to join in helping me. Maybe there’s something on here you would like to achieve as well. Maybe you just want to see me cross a couple things in particular off this list. Whatever it may be, I will be printing this out and looking at it every day until I turn 35. I will also reference this article every time I get closer to zero.

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I think I’ve made the point, so without further adieu, I give you, 35 Things To Do Before I Turn 35 Years Old, in no particular order. If you have any questions or comments on any, please feel free to ask! I will answer and describe anything.

  1. Create and file my LLC.
  2. Brew my summer beer in time for consumption.
  3. Skydive.
  4. Surf on a surfboard, not body board.
  5. Camp in a tent up north and not in a cabin.
  6. Cash in a Las Vegas WSOP Event.
  7. Play in every variation of poker at Potawatomi Casino.
  8. Bike the trails in Milwaukee.
  9. Skate at a new skate park.
  10. Finish tattooing my arm sleeves.
  11. Fit in a 32 pants.
  12. Road trip around Wisconsin.
  13. Host the biggest pool party at my condo.
  14. Finish writing my poker book.
  15. Start on my “Twenties” book.
  16. Make working out a daily routine.
  17. Try a new bed and breakfast.
  18. Attend a Lakeshore Chinooks game.
  19. Play volleyball at the beach.
  20. Golf on a new course.
  21. Disc golf at a new park.
  22. Get a hit in a softball game.
  23. Record a new song with Mr. Matty Moses.
  24. Catch a fish I have never caught before.
  25. Perform at an open mic.
  26. Check out a new band’s concert.
  27. See a performance show/play.
  28. Read every Shark Tank star’s book.
  29. Read “The Golden Rule.”
  30. Find a new local church.
  31. Make meditation a daily morning routine.
  32. Host a dinner party.
  33. Karaoke.
  34. Attend an in-person seminar.
  35. Stay in love with my love.

Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to drop me a comment, or ask a question. I’m here to push myself a little bit further in life, and this summer is a great time to start! It’s never too late.

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