Like the Pyramids in Egypt, the Structures in Our Lives, Too, Will Fade

I was sitting in a church pew this morning, and I came across a notation about structure. Whether you are religious or not, the message can pertain to your life.

The message was simple, yet deep: All man-made structures will fade, and crumble, over time. To dust, they shall return. Just as those of concrete and sand, mud and brick; our lives, and body, too, will return to the Earth. To dust.

Cairo, Egypt via

We know this. We have learned this and we still do not always live as though it will happen. Whether you are religious, or not, our lives will perish. Our bodies will be no more. The very structures that we build in our daily lives, will fade the very same.

But, our spirit and stories will live on. If we lead a worthy, memorable, faithful, and just life, our lives will not be in vain. Like the pyramids in Egypt. Like the Colosseum in Rome. They will remain a part of history, because of the stories told. Let your life be just as memorable.

A life to be shared. A life to be memorable. A life ends all the same; earth to earth, ash to ash, and dust to dust.

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