The Infinity War Within Ourselves

It’s here. New Year’s Eve. The last day of 2022. Tomorrow will be 2023.

Each day we get closer and closer to the end. Our endgame. Whether it is 10 years from now or 50, our time will come to an end. We only have a finite amount of time on Earth.

Imagine if you chased the infinite instead of the finite. Knowing that we only have one life, our time is limited. The clock starts ticking the moment we are born.

Most of us have a job that we show up to do and are paid for every two weeks. That’s the end goal of working. You show up, do your job, and get paid for it. Rinse and repeat. It’s finite.

Outside of work, we have hobbies. We have passions. We have friends and family. We have relationships. The enjoyable parts of our lives are infinite until it’s not.

What I mean by that, is we should be doing more of the “infinite” and less of the “finite.” The infinite gives us laughter, pleasure, and purpose.

Marvel Day (2017)

I could write forever (and plan to until I die). I could go fishing all day (and I do in the summer). I could raise my family and enjoy dates with my wife until I cannot walk (or she has to carry me).

These examples are infinite. We could do them forever if time allowed. Life does not allow that, because we only have a finite amount of time. Which would you rather spend your time on?

What do you want to spend another year on? What do you want to do more of in 2023? Plan for more of the infinite and less of the finite. Cheers (non-alcoholic). Happy New Year.

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